How to Integrate Greetly with Satellite Deskworks to Sync your Member List

You can now sync your Greetly visitor management system member list with leading coworking software Satellite Deskworks. This saves you and your staff valuable time by managing your member list in just one place.

What the Greetly <> Satellite Deskworks Integration Does

You no longer need to manage one host list within your coworking space management software and another for your visitor check-in app. The two systems now sync automatically. 

  • When you enter a new member or co-member, the member’s name, phone and email will instantly be shown in Greetly.
  • When you make a member or co-member inactive, the person’s information will instantly be removed from Greetly.

How To Setup the Greetly<>Satellite Deskworks integration

  • Two coworkers celebrating a check in app integrationOpen a ticket with Deskworks asking for the Greetly integration
  • While you wait for the crack Deskworks team to respond, get your Greetly API key
    • Log into the Greetly web-based admin
    • Click on the icon that displays your first name in the top-right corner of the screen
    • Select "Account Settings"
    • In bold letters, you will find your API key
  • Deskworks will return the integration ready for you
  • Within the Deskworks platform, visit SETUP > INTEGRATIONS SETUP
  • Enter your Greetly API key
  • In Deskworks, be sure the box is checked for the correct CENTER. This will connect to the LOCATION in Greetly.
  • From the LOCATION dropdown, select your center.