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How to set up a Fully Customized Workflow- Video tutorial

This video will show you how to set up a fully customized Workflow for your visitors to check in.


Important Notes:

  • This feature will ONLY work on our latest Greetly Touchless Receptionist app version. Don't have the latest app version? You can download it from the Apple or Google Play Store.
  • You'll need to be logged into your web portal as a Global or location admin.
  • You can ONLY create workflows for custom check-in buttons. (Example: You cannot create a workflow for default check-in buttons such as Visit Employee, Package delivery, Employee Check-in, Food delivery, Digital Mailroom or Event Check-in).
  • You can create different workflows for each custom check-in button. 
  • The workflow will default to the original format for a custom check-in button. If you want to stay with the default workflow you can follow the steps on how to create a custom check-in button in this knowledge base article.
  • You cannot use the default questions and New (beta) workflow for a check-in button at the same time.




Do you still need help? No problem. Our Client Support Agents are standing by to assist you. Feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at, success@greetly.com