Modern business technology: Data centers versus the cloud | Greetly

Should your organization store your data in the cloud or company-managed data centers? A detailed review of the options.

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Executive summary

  • Data is rapidly moving from on-premise and company-owned data centers to the cloud.
  • The "cloud" is a broad term covering multiple segments of hosting and servicing data.
  • Security, speed and cost are major considerations in determining whether your organization should store information in owned data centers or the cloud (or a combination).

Computing has changed a lot over the last 20 years, and nothing has changed as much as the move toward “the cloud.” Individuals and organizations have been migrating their software, their storage and their infrastructure away from localized data centers to the cloud, though at vastly different rates.

What is a data center? What is the cloud? How are they different, and how do they work together?


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