Set up Google G Suite user directory integration

How to set up G Suite.

  1. Go to > Account Settings
  2. Make note of the displayed API key
  3. According to this page follow Step 1 - Set up the GCP Console
  4. According to this page follow Step 2 - Set up the Admin console
  5. Go to > Account Settings > Directory Integration
  6. Click on Integration API and pick Google
  7. Click Save
  8. Fill out:
    Username - email of the account performing the integration
    Service account - name of the account that was created in Google above
    Client - domain URL
    Private key - key that was generated in Google and downloaded in JSON file
  9. Click Save

    Then, for each location you wish to sync:
  10. Back in, select location and go to "Location Setup"
  11. Expand "Integrations" section
  12. Under "Location ID" type in the Google user search criteria that will determine which G Suite users will be synced with this location.
    For example the criteria: isSuspended=false address:'Paris' will sync all non-suspended users which have the keyword Paris in their address field