Sync Your Greetly User List with Azure Active Directory

To sync your visitor check-in app and Azure AD, you will need the following information.

You can easily sync your Greetly visitor management system employee directory by integrating with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This allows you to automate the process, so you can put your attention to bigger and better things.


**Please note that you must be the Azure AD Administrator in order to complete these steps.


To sync your visitor check-in app and Azure AD, you will need the following information:

  • Azure Directory ID: Unique identifier of your Microsoft Azure tenant account
  • Application ID: Unique identifier of the Greetly App registration
  • Private Key: Key generated to secure API calls
  • Group ID: Unique identifier of the user group to be synchronized for a given location 


To simplify the process, we suggest you use the following worksheet as we walk you through how to gather this information:

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Azure Directory ID


Application ID


Private Key


Group ID



Azure Directory ID

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure and navigate to "Azure Active Directory".


2.Click "Properties"



Application ID

  1. Within the Azure Active Directory area, click on "App Registrations" and “+ New application registration”.


      2. Populate the form using the values illustrated below and click "Create" at the bottom of the form.



      3. After the application has been created the Application ID can be found on the top right corner of the details pane as illustrated below.


Private Key

  1. Within the Azure Active Directory area, click “App Registrations” > “Authentication”. Please add for the reply URL.



      2. Click on the “Certificates & secrets” left menu and then click “New client secret”. Enter a description and a duration for the Key.



3. The value of the key will appear once you click “Save”. Please note, this value will only appear once.

Group ID

  1. Within the Azure Active Directory area, click “Groups”.


2. Find the Group of users you wish to bring into the Greetly host directory and note the ID on the bottom-right corner.

Setup the Azure Active Directory Sync Within Greetly

Account Settings

Begin by logging into the Greetly web-base admin > click on Hi "[your first name] > “Account Settings” > "Directory Integration". In the drop-down select "Azure" > "Save" > once again click "Directory Integration". At this point you will populate the information in the Directory Integration form with the data collected in Azure.

  1. Azure Directory ID: Host
  2. Application ID: User
  3. Private Key: Password

Location Settings

Now that you have connected Azure to your Greetly account, you will connect the correct Group ID with your Greetly location, or locations. 

Click on the Greetly logo in the top-left corner of the screen > "Location Setup" (if necessary, click the dropdown and select the location you wish to integrate with LDAP) > enter the LDAP Query in the Location ID field.

Confirm Everything is Working in Manage User

Down the home stretch we come! The last step is to make sure everything is configured correctly and to run your first step. 

Navigate to “Manage Users”. If everything is configured correctly, the “Sync from Azure” button will appear.

Congrats! You are an office automation guru!