Tauri / Thermal Kiosk Configuration / Updating

In order to enable thermal scanning there are several things that need to come together on Tauri Kiosk this article addresses the initial setup and application settings required to accomplish it. It also lists current limitations.

Tech Terms

Tauri Kiosk -  Desktop/Kiosk that is a 21" screen with Thermal Camera running Android 8.0 or above.

Star OS - Launcher application installed on Tauri Kiosk.

Tauri App - Tauri APK installed on the kiosk that runs camera, camera settings and passes temp reading to Greetly using API URL.

Greetly API URL - Is a combination of API key and Check In Option that is accessed by Tauri App and opens Greetly APP if temp reading is within Pass range.

Greetly Setup

1. Temp scanning requires "Employee Visit" to have a field called temperature (lower case).  You can add it in custom fields option of the Check In Configuration.

2. In Application Settings find your API Key and record it.

3. Record your Check In Option ID

4. Transform these two into API URL to be used by Tauri


5. In Greetly location_settings table make sure that thermal_check_in is set to TRUE (this may required dev support until UI is enabled.

StarOS Setup:

1. Hold Screen for 5 seconds and enter 0000 to access setup menu.

2. Access File Storage (admin/0000)

3. Navigate to USB that contains latest version of Greetly Android APK

4. Install APK 

5. If upgrading repeats steps 1-4 only no other steps needed.

6. Once installed in StarOS Launcher Setup select single application Setup and check Greetly

7. Exit Setup you should return to temp scanning screen.


1. cover the camera with your hand

2. touch Tauri Logo 5 times (quickly)

3. Enter setup pin 0000

4. Once in setup you should see menu on left side and Tauri Logo on right side.

5. Touch Tauri logo on the right 5 times

6. You should now see an API menu with the name Extract Data from API

7. Paste URL you created in Greetly Setup and press Finish.

Finalizing Setup and Testing

1. Restart Tauri Kiosk.

2. Greetly App will launch first.  Enter location ID

3. Restart Kiosk