Use Greetly and Remain GDPR Compliant

How Greetly's Visitor Management System Keeps Your Workplace Compliant With GDPR.

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Greetly is excited to provide several options that allow your organization to be GDPR compliant. Here they are:

Do not collect personally identifiable information

The easiest way to use Greetly and remain GDPR compliant is to not collect personally identifiable information. Since Greetly is the incredibly customizable visitor management system, you can adjust what information you collect from visitors. While Greetly offers the ability to capture visitors' first names, last names, email addresses, phone numbers, and virtually anything else, Greetly also allows you to turn those fields off. Given the current knowledge around GDPR, we recommend collecting only their first names and, optionally, last initial only.

Users are notified their data is being collected

Greetly's visitor management system, beginning with version 1.8.4, has an option to show app users GDPR language. "By using this app, you consent to your data being collected. If you wish to opt out, please click Cancel." 

Using Greetly's terminology feature, this language can be customized to fit your organization's needs. You can adjust the language to meet your legal team's interpretation of GDPR and/or to translate this text into the language, or languages, spoken by your visitors.


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