What Is Data Governance? | Greetly

In your data data-driven workplace, having great data governance is important to collect, maintain and secure data to make smart decisions.

So What Exactly Is Data Governance?

Businessman using data to draw a pie chart in a meeting

At its core, data governance is a set of rules and guidelines for how we deal with all the data, and how those rules are enforced.

Probably the most well-known form of data governance is the rules surrounding HIPPA compliance. The health care industry is required by government regulation to share health records with patients, to provide those records upon request, and also to protect the records from prying eyes.

However, data governance is not reliant on government regulation. The questions surrounding how data is collected, stored and shared should be answered by every organization that has data – and virtually every organization does. From customer, employee and/or donor records to inventory data, from proprietary documents to minutes of staff meetings, every organization creates data. Without it, business as usual would grind to a halt.


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