Automatically Check All Visitors Out at the End of the Day With Greetly’s Advanced Checkout Feature

It will take just a few seconds to utilize this check-in app automation.

Your visitor management system is supposed to automate your reception task. So let's automatically check all visitors out at the end of each day using the Advanced Checkout feature from Greetly


Important notes:

  • Automatically check visitors out with the Pro & Enterprise plans ONLY!
  • Auto check out for visitors happens after 24hrs.
  • Advance checkout will have to be on before a visitor checks in. If turned on after a visit, the system will NOT automatically check out that visitor (will require a manual checkout).

Setup visitor advanced checkout

It will take just a few seconds to utilize this check-in app automation.

Step 1: Turn on Advanced Checkout for each check-in button 

Start by visiting Greeetly web-based admin > Check In Options. You can determine which check in options will take advantage of this time-saving feature. For example, maybe you want to use it for visitors who come to your workplace for a meeting but not for food deliveries.

For those workflows that will use Advanced Checkout, click "Edit Button Options". Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. On the left side you will see, "Do you want to enable advanced checkout?". Toggle it ON and click on Publish.


Step 2: Set your settings

There are a variety of options within the Advanced Checkout function. To navigate to these options:

  1. Click on "Location"
  2. Click on "Advanced Check Out Options"

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From here you can turn on/off and select:

Advanced Checkout options

  • Auto check-out visitors after 24hrs
  • Enable check-out reminders
  • Who is responsible?
  • Visitor Notification Preference
  • How many minutes after check-in?
  • Repeat the process if the visitor is not checked out
  • Reminder Notification: Ex. John Doe has not checked out yet. Please click the button below to check them out.

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After you click "Save" you're done!

Now, talk about easy (: