Bulk Import Users/ Upload your Employee Directory to Greetly Visitor Registration App

You probably can't wait to get started automating the reception tasks for your office.

You probably can't wait to get started automating the reception tasks for your office. After you get your tablet prepared for the Greetly visitor registration app, you'll need to get people - your coworkers - into the system to be notified of visitors, food delivery, packages and much more. What good would Greetly do if there were no one on the other end to answer those e-mail/voice/text/Slack messages?

First, log into Greetly's web-based admin at https://app.greetly.com/.

Second, go to Digital Receptionist > Manage Users or click the   icon. Here is where your employee directory lives. Although we call them users, they could be employees, tenants, members, residents, hosts, etc. It is all dependent on your space.

You have three different options to upload your directory:

  1. Manually: Click on Add User to upload a single user into the directory. This approach is best for adding a single host, or if you have only a couple of changes to be made. (Or if you just love typing!)
  2. Bulk Import Users: this is the most popular way to upload your directory into Greetly. You will need a CSV or XLSX file. 

Note: The header with columns MUST be in this order or the file will not upload:

File must be in CSV format, and have a header with columns in this order:
email, first_name, last_name, company, sms_phone, voice_phone, voice_extension, im_handle

Click here to download the template.


Very important:

  • Email and first name is required, all other fields are optional. If you do not have an email address for an employee you can just create a dummy email. 
  • All users in the directory need to have at least a First Name listed
  • Check your regional settings:
    • Click on the Start menu.
    • Type control panel.
    • Click on Control Panel (Desktop app)
    • Select Clock, Language, and Region.
    • Click Region
    • Select Additional settings in the pop-up window
    • Change the List separator to comma.
    • Click Apply
  • Global admins will receive an email notification with instructions on how to log in


  1. Allow up to 3 hours for all of the users to show in the directory
  2. The system WILL NOT display duplicate emails for users

     3. API integrations:

  1. If you leverage a directory service for your organization like Active Directory, Azure AD. More directory services integrations are coming soon!
  2. If you manage a coworking space, use our Zapier integration to connect Greetly to coworking software apps including essensys Operate, Cobot, OfficeRnD and more.

Whichever path you take, uploading your directory is essential to your reception bliss!


Still need help? Email us at success@greetly.com