Creating a QR Code for Preregistered Visitors

Would you like to send your "Preregister Visitors" a QR code or link they can use to check-in using their phone? Greetly makes it easy!

You must be a Global or Location Admin logged into your web-based admin portal to use this feature. 


Click Check-in Options from the top navigation bar, or click on the Check-in Options icon.

check in options icon

Click on the Visual Styles tab.

Click on Welcome page.


Ensure that Display Welcome Page is toggled on.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and toggle on Enable No Touch Check-In.

You can choose to toggle Regenerate No-Touch URL Daily to on (code will change every day) or off (code will remain the same). 

If you toggle this option to on, you will have to create QR codes for your preregistered visitors daily.

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Ensure that you click on the Publish to save any changes you make prior to copying your URL.

Open a new browser tab and go to:

Copy and paste the URL in the QR Code Generator.

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Step 6- 

Click on the "Save" button > name your file > select PNG > Click on "Save"

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You can test the code by scanning the QR with your phone. 

You can also copy and paste your entire URL and include it in your preregistration email (visitors will also have the option to just click on the URL link or scan the QR code on their phone).

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Remember to Save.