Greetly Product Improvements (June 2024 Web Update)

Provisioning Email Notifications   

We have improved the wording in the email notifications received when a user’s role has changed to Security, Location Admin, or Global Admin. All notifications include a link to set or reset the user's password.

Example for Global Admin

Email subject: Your user role was changed to Admin

Dear [username]

Greetings! John Doe just changed your user role in Greetly to Admin.

As an Admin user, you can change visitor options, manage the host list, view and download the visitor log, and so much more. To get started:

- Click this link to setup your password

- Bookmark

We're excited to support you and your coworkers. If you ever need assistance, simply email


For more information about Greetly user roles and permissions, check out the article: Understanding Greetly Roles and Permissions