How do I Create a Custom Visitor Check in Button?

Customize all verbiage visitors will see. The ability to customize the visitor management experience for your workspace is one of many things Greetly can offer.

The ability to customize the visitor management experience for your workspace is one of many things Greetly can offer. Not only can you customize the visuals and template check-in options, you can also create a custom workflow with our easy configuration wizard. 


How to Create a "Custom Button"



Here are the customization options:

Step 1: Name your button (ex. Tour the company, Event, etc.).

Step 2: Click on the "Change your icon" button and select the image that best matches your button title (ex. Happy person, question mark etc.).

Step 3: In the "How should the employee be notified?" section, select one of the following options:

  • No Notification

  • Browse all employees (check the box to "Hide employees until search" if you prefer).

  • Notify pre-determined employee (start typing an employee's name in the "Required" field and select a name when it populates).

Step 4: Next section "Do you want the visitor to enter any information about themselves?"

  • You may want to collect the visitor's first and last name (Check the appropriate boxes, for example, First name, last name, email, and phone number etc.).

Need additional information from the visitor such as, ID number, date of birth etc.? There are 3 Custom Field sections available for you to customize. Just type what you want in the fields. 

Important notes:

  • If you want to add questions in the custom field section ONLY, make sure you follow these steps:

- Check first and last name

- Add the custom question(s) and click Publish

- Uncheck first and last name and click Publish

  • Now ONLY the the custom question(s) will only show

Step 5: Next section "What message would you like to display to the visitor after check in?"

  • Example message, "Thanks! Someone will be with you shortly".

Step 6: Next section, "What notification would you like to send to the employee?"

  • Example message, "Hello [host_first_name], this is Greetly, your virtual receptionist. [first_name] is in the lobby to see you. Have a great day".

Step 7: You can toggle on or off any or all of the following:

  • Do you want to capture a photo of the visitor?

  • Do you want to print a badge for the visitor?

  • Do you want to require a signature from the visitor?


Important note:

  • If you wish to take visitor photos, print badges or have them eSign a waiver or other legal document, toggle these options on.

Step 8: This is the FINAL STEP > Scroll up and click "Publish".


Voila. A visitor check-in kiosk built just for you!