How Do I Customize My “Name” on the Emails Greetly Sends Out?

This process is quite straightforward and shouldn't take more than a minute

Note: This feature is ONLY available with our Enterprise subscription plan

Here is how to customize it: (Please note you need to be a Global Administrator or Location Administrator in Greetly to achieve this successfully.)

1. Login to the Greetly Web Portal

3. Click App Settings (top toolbar middle option )
Visitor management custom email host alert notifications
4. Click Location
Virtual receptionist visitor notifications
5. Click Notification preferences 
6. Under the Custom email field replace the <from> title with the Title of your choice.

Virtual receptionist 2-way text messaging
7.  Click Save. 

Congratulations  YOUR NAME HERE  🙂

Please note that this allows clients to customize the "name" on the email addresses Greetly sends. The email address will still technically be transmitted from .