How Do I Customize the Check-In Options and Workflows to Perfectly Fit my Reception Needs?

We know visitors step into your workplace for a variety of reasons, some of them unique to you, which is why we created Greetly to be as customizable as it is. Some common examples of visitor workflows include:

  • Appointment with an employee
  • Interview
  • Package delivery
  • Food delivery
  • Event
  • Tour
  • Pick up


Log into Greetly's web-based admin at
Select "Check-In Options" or click the Best virtual receptionist software icon.
When you launch a new account or add an additional location, Greetly comes with some pre-configured visitor workflows.
    • You can either edit those by clicking "Edit Button Options"
    • You can toggle those options on or off.
    • You can create entirely new visitor workflows from scratch in seconds by clicking "Add a Custom Button".
  • Within each check-in option, even the default standards, you can choose:
    • The name of the workflow.
    • The icon.
    • Who is notified?
      • A host the visitor will select from the directory. There is an option to show the entire directory or to hide the employee list until the visitor enters multiple characters. 
      • A host that is pre-selected by the admin. For example, an office manager that receives all package deliveries or HR admin who greets all interview candidates.
      • Or no one. You might check people into an event to know who is onsite or possibly add those guests to your email marketing list, but not send out notifications.
    • Exactly what information you wish to capture from visitors. Examples include their first name, last name, the company they represent, phone number, email address, parking space -- whatever you need. Simply check or uncheck the information you wish to collect or use open text boxes to create your own.
    • The message visitors see on the iPad or Android when they complete the check-in process. 
    • The instant reception notification sent to the host, including merging in any info capturing during the check-in, including the visitor's photo. Notifications can be sent via voice call to landlines or mobile phones, text message, email or by instant message using your organization's choice of Microsoft Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts.
    • Whether Greetly should take visitor photos.
    • Whether to upload and require that visitor eSign and NDAs or other legal document.
    • Whether you wish to print visitor badges.
    • If for safety, audit or other reasons you need to confirm when a visitor leaves your workplace, there are also advanced checkout features that will remind the host or visitor to checkout.
  • Click "Publish" to save your changes.

You now have your own custom check-in option!