How Do I Manage Visitor Management Software Account Settings as an Employee?

If you are part of an organization that uses Greetly, lucky you! They have just given you the keys to reception nirvana.

How to setup a visitor management systemIf you are part of an organization that uses Greetly, lucky you! They have just given you the keys to virtual reception nirvana.

But like most of us, you probably want to customize things. Maybe you want to change your notifications to turn off voice notifications. Maybe you just legally changed your name and need to update it. Or maybe you need to change your phone number to send SMS notifications to your new burner phone. We aren't here to judge. We are just here to help.

If you are already in the Greetly directory for your organization, you just need to establish a password with your e-mail address.

To establish a new password, go to and enter your e-mail address. From there, go to your e-mail and follow the Reset Password Instructions. The e-mail will come from Remember, the best practice is to always establish a strong password.

From there, log in to your account at

Here are some settings that you can manage:

  • Host alert notifications by voice call, SMS, email, and instant messageFirst name
  • Last name
  • Company
    • This is a catch-all field that can use Department or Title
  • Email
  • Primary phone
    • Ext
  • Secondary phone
    • Ext
  • Slack handle*
  • Notifications
    • Email
    • SMS/Text 
    • Voice Call (If you answer the phone, you will hear the voice notification and if it goes to voice mail, there will be no notification).
    • Slack*
  • View your personal cloud-based visitor log

*Slack notifications only applies at an organization level. Individuals will not get Slack notifications if it is not enabled at the admin level.

There are some limitations to your updates. In some cases, your organization may be automating updates in the Greetly directory and can overwrite any or all of the data as it pertains to you. In that case, go to the source, contact your IT department and let them know what you need to be changed.