How do I Preregister Visitors to My Workplace?

Let Greetly preregister the guest for you.

You don't always need a crystal ball to see the future. When you are expecting an important guest you want to make visitor registration fast for your visitor. You also want to provide them with valuable information ahead of their visit. 

Let Greetly preregister the guest for you.

How Visitor Preregistration Works

  • Any host in your Greetly directory can preregister their own guests. There are two ways to do this, covered in more detail below. You can either manually add their information in the admin portal. Or, even easier, just cc in your meeting invite and Greetly will do it for you! 
  • When you preregister your visitor, Greetly will send them an email.
  • Upon arrival, the guest enter the PIN (or their email address if they their PIN is not handy) and Greetly sends real-time reception notifications. 
  • Everyone gets down to work!

Setting Up Visitor Preregistration

Before using this efficiency feature, you need to set it up in your Greetly admin console. Here are the steps:

  • Visit the admin console and log in
  • Navigate to Settings > Location
  • Click on Returning Visitors and Preregistration
  • Toggle preregistration ON
  • Optional: In the text box below, add text that will be included in the preregistration email to your future visitors. You might wish to include directions to your office, parking information and guidance to finish the check-in process with the Greetly visitor check-in app kiosk. 

How To Register Your Visitors in Advance

**Please make sure the check in option you are setting up "Preregistration" for (example: "Visit Employee" check in option) has email checked in the "Do you want the visitor to enter any information about themselves?" section.


If you thought that was easy, actually scheduling a visit is even easier.

Option 1: Manually preregister a visitor in the admin console

  • Visit the admin console and log in
  • Click Preregistration
  • Click the green Create Preregistration box
  • Complete the short form:
    • Select the visit date and arrival time
    • Choose the reason for visit. These options match the Check-In Options you would see in the app. 
    • Select the host who will receive notifications when the guest arrives
    • The visitor's email address where the preregistration confirmation will be sent
    • The rest of the fields the visitor would complete if they checked themselves in on the Greetly sign-in app
    • Click Save

Option 2: Preregister visitors directly from your calendar

  • When you create a calendar invite, include
  • Greetly will automatically determine which invitees are already in the host directory, and send everyone else a preregistration email. 
  • If the account has multiple locations the subject line in the invite must list the location name (enter the name exactly as it shows on the account)

Please note you can use any calendar system, including Outlook.

Here is a sample of an invitation that will arrive after you send out the invite.


**Please note that if you want to send out a preregistration invite via email the following steps must be in place:

  • You must select the visit employee type  (ex: Visit employee, Event check in ) check in button. Currently, invites can't be sent via email for custom buttons ONLY
  • The email field in the "Do you want the visitor to enter any information about themselves?" must be selected
  • The user setting up the preregistration invite must have the location listed in their profile they are sending the invite for

As always, please contact us at if we can assist with preregistering your guests or your other visitor management needs. 


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