Enabling Two-way Texting Between Host and Visitor

You can set up Greetly to have two-way text conversations between visitors and hosts. Please note that this feature is only available to Pro plan members. 

You must be a Global or Location Admin logged into your web portal account to make these changes.

Adding a Telephone Number to Your Profile

Before enabling SMS/Text notifications, ensure that you have a telephone number listed in the Text section of your profile.

Click on your profile and choose Profile Settings

The Profile Settings screen then opens.

Enter the telephone number in the Text field, if it is blank.

Scroll down to the Notifications section, and toggle SMS/Text to on.   

Click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

Enabling SMS/Text Notifications

Click on Check-in Options.

Click on the Location tab.

Then click on Notification Preferences

Toggle SMS/Text to on.  

Click on Save.

Enabling Collection of Visitor Telephone Numbers

You must ensure that the visitor telephone numbers are collected during the check-in process for two-way texting to function.

Click on Check-in Options.

Choose the required button and click on Edit button options.

Click on Check-in Options.


Place a check beside the Phone Number box under the section "Do you want the visitor to enter any information about themselves?"

Receiving a Two-Way Text Notification

You will receive a text notification when the visitor checks in, and you have a 15-minute window to respond before the chat times out. 

Sample text message notification and user's response to visitor

Sample text message response to visitor