How Do I Change the Time Zone for My Digital Receptionist?

Greetly's visitor management system defaults to UTC, or Greenwich Mean Time. This article will show you how to adjust the time zone.

Your Greetly virtual receptionist account is all set up and customized and now you're ready to start checking in visitors, doing event check-ins, receiving packages and food deliveries, sending host alert notifications, and capturing all visitor records in the cloud.

Since not everyone lives in Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, it's important to your time zone. This ensures the timestamp is correct in the visitor log and on printed visitor badges. Fortunately, making the time zone local to your workplace takes just a few seconds.

Please note: The timezone section automatically defaults to UTC if it's not changed to your time zone.

How do I change the timezone? 

Let's walk through these quick steps.

Step 1:

Visitor the Greetly web-admin> click "Location Setup".

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Step 2:

Go to the "Time zone" section on the bottom right-hand side > click on the drop-down menu button > select your time zone.

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Step 3:

Click the "Save" button and you are done!

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