How to integrate Greetly and Cobot through Zapier?

Important note:

  • You will need to login to all accounts (Zapier, Cobot & Greetly) with the same email address. You must have admin access.


1. Login to Zapier

Login to your Zapier account. Will need admin access.

2. Login to Cobot

Login to your Cobot account. Will need admin access.

3. Login to Greetly

Login to your Greetly account. Will need admin access.

4. Connect Cobot to Greetly

Click on this link to connect Cobot to Greetly. Select the Greetly to pair with Cobot (or Type "Greetly" in the search bar section to pair the apps).

5. Choose your Zap!

Add new members, delete users, add new member updates, and create leads from check-ins. 


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