Send Visitor Queue Notifications

Use a queue management system to send notifications to visitors who checked in and are waiting to be called over


Important notes:

  • The “Checkout button label” and “Queue message for visitors” are required. A user can’t enable Queue Management without these fields being filled in.
  • You will NOT be able to use the "Check Out All" button in the visitor log section on the web portal when queue management is turned on (Check-out all button does not show in this case to prevent accidental mass queue approval. Turning this off will return the button).



  1. Web-Based Admin > Go to App Settings > Location > Advanced Check Out Options
  2. Enable the "Queue Management" toggle, customize the button label and notification message, and click Save.

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  3. In the Visitor Log, you will now see your new button label (instead of "Check Out"):
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  4. Clicking the button will send your notification to the provided phone number, or email, if no phone number was provided:
    Screenshot from a customer queue management system