Zapier: Add a Member to Your Greetly Directory When They Are Added To essensys Operate

Sync your Greetly visitor management system with essensys Operate through Zapier

Use Greetly's exclusive essensys Operate integration which allows you to sync your member list with your visitor management system.

Before getting started

Are you familiar with Zapier? Here's their Getting Started Guide.

Make sure you connect your essensys Operate account in Zapier. You can find full instructions here.

If you are starting fresh with essensys (i.e., no clients), jump right to our suggested Zaps below. If you already have clients in essensys, we suggest that you upload your current directory to Greetly to set a baseline.

Zap: essensys New Contact to Greetly New User

The purpose of this Zap is to take a new contact in essensys Operate that has an active license and automatically add them to your Greetly host user directory.

There are three parts to this Zap:

  1. Trigger
  2. Filter
  3. Action

Trigger: essensys New Contact

Visitor management solution integrations


The filter is important, as it only allows the data from contacts that meet specific criteria. This is important for:

  • Contacts that have an active license
  • Location name, for those workspaces that have multiple locations

Depending on your setup, use the correct filter(s) to determine which new contact is created in the Greetly directory.

Emergency evacuation notifications and safety log

Action: Greetly New User

Choose New User in Greetly, then map the data fields in the template.

Workplace safety visitor watchlist

Turn on the Zap, and test it out.