Using Digital Mailroom

Simplify your mailroom with Greetly's Digital Mailroom for effortless, sustainable package management. Elevate the pick-up process with photo check-ins and touchless QR codes, streamline mail tracking, and enhance communication via integration with email, text, Teams, Google Chat, or Slack. Send reminders, securely view a cloud-based log, and seamlessly delegate pickups with QR codes.

Digital Mailroom is available to Greetly Pro Plan subscribers.

Setting Up Requirements in Greetly

You must be a Global or Location Admin logged into your web portal to enable Digital Mailroom.

In Greetly’s Visitor Management tool, choose the location for which you want to enable Digital Mailroom. 

add locations to user

Click on Check-in Options.

check in options icon

Locate the Digital Mailroom button and toggle it to on.  

Enable Digital Mailroom toggle button

If you have more than one location that will be using Digital Mailroom, repeat the above steps for each location.

Getting Started with the App

Download the Digital Mailroom app (iOS 13 or higher or Android version 9 or higher) from the respective app store.

Log in with a Greetly profile.

Select your preferred location.

digital mailroom log in and choose location

Checking in a Package

Choose Check in.

Take a picture of the package.

digital mailroom - package photo

Choose Use to save the picture.

digital mailroom - picture of package - use button

Select the recipient from the employee list.

digital mailroom - select recipient

A notification will then be instantly sent to the selected recipient. 

Notifications include a photo of the package and a link with a QR code.

digital mailroom - receipt notification

The recipient will use this code to check out their package.

Notification Settings

Greetly's Digital Mailroom syncs with Digital Receptionist, so notifications are sent via the user's preferred method as set in their profile, including:

  • Automated voice call
  • Text message
  • Email
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts
  • Microsoft Teams

Email, text message, or instant messaging notifications must be enabled for users to receive the QR code. 

Sending Reminders

Greetly creates a cloud-based package log, visible in the Digital Mailroom tool. This list allows users to keep track of packages with a digital log before recipients have picked them up, and to see everyone who’s been notified and remind recipients, all in one place.

To access the log, choose Package list.

digital mailroom - digital log 2

Use the bell icon next to each person to send out another reminder.

digital mailroom - digital log - reminder bell highlighted

All recipients can be reminded at once by using Remind All at the bottom of the screen.

digital mailroom - digital log - remind all button

Reminders can be sent every 24 hours.

Checking Out a Package

The recipient of the package will use the QR code, located at the bottom of the notification, to check out their package.

Open the Mailroom notification.

Select the attachment that contains the QR code.

digital mailroomm - receipt notification - QR code-1

Select Check out

digital mailroom check out button

Scan the QR code. 

Choose Check Out for each package you want to retrieve.

digital mailroom - check out button 2-1

Take a picture of the package being checked out to confirm receipt.

Select Use

digital mailroom - picture of package - use button

The QR code will expire after you have checked out all the packages linked to it. 

digital mailroomm - receipt notification - QR code

You can also delegate package collection to colleagues using Greetly's Co-Pilot functionality.

Simply forward the QR code to your Co-Pilot. 

digital mailroom - copilot