Greetly Product Improvements (Jan 2024 Web Update)

Digital Mailroom  

Greetly Digital Mailroom helps streamline package delivery & pick-up across office locations.

  • Safely manage deliveries in an instant with seamless photo check in & scannable QR codes, enhancing the pickup experience while moving to a more sustainable Digital Mailroom
  • Track mail centrally: Monitor & view all packages, then notify and remind employees directly in your visitor management workflows 
  • Effortlessly integrate across systems with the ability to receive, register & notify recipients easily through text, email or instant messaging, with Microsoft Teams, Google Chat or Slack.
  • Customize your reminders based on employee communication preference, with the ability to remind daily.
  • Leverage data-driven insights in Greetly reporting that highlight mailroom utilization trends so you can prevent overload, all with secure cloud-based storage.
  • Designate authorized pick-up contacts to pick up packages on your behalf by forwarding your QR code to approved delegates, and boost connection across your hybrid workforce

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