Greetly's Product Improvements (February 2023 Web Update)

Below are Greetly's product improvements pertaining to enhancements and fixes which have been released by our development team for February 2023.

Employee using best visitor check-in software

Web Release - February 2023


Workflow update fixes:

  1. The check-in process for both Old & Custom Workflows is now more consistent. No visual changes for users.
  2. A user can see the successful message if the user updates the custom form and clicks on the "Save" button.
  3. Only one field type can be used per custom form (two “First name” fields can’t be used in one Custom Form).
  4. Large custom workflows no longer stutter when zooming in/out.
  5. A pre-registered visitor no longer receives a Check-out reminder notification if he completed the pre-registration form but has not checked in to the location yet. 
  6. A user can no longer select more than 12 workflow buttons to be displayed on the tablet. 

Badge update fix:

  1. A user can now see a logo added in the Location Settings/Quickstart/Old Visual Styles on the badge template.
  2. A user can see the “Badge successfully updated” message when saving the badge.

Watchlist update fixes:

  1. The Watchlist now works for the Old/New Workflows.

  2. The visitor is now denied entry if he’s on the Blacklist (for the Old Workflows).

Misc Improvements

  1. The check-in date does not change if an admin checks out all users in the Visitor Log.
  2. If a user tries to delete “Global Admin”, “Location Admin”, or “Security” from the location, the warning message “Error: To delete this user, set their role to the employee." is displayed.
  3. The search now works by the visit type and host column in the Visitor Log.
  4. The “host_name” short-code is no longer displayed on the badge if the “No Notification” radio button in the Old Workflows is selected.
  5. The values of the Driver's License No., Date of Birth, Street Address 1, Street Address 2, and State are now displayed in the PDF and in the CSV files.
  6. All values of short-codes are now displayed correctly in the email with a QR Code which a visitor receives after he completes the Preregistration. 
  7. The repeat notifications (email/SMS, host/Visitor) arrive if the user did not check out after the “Guest check-out reminder” email. 


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