Changing the Voice Notification Language

Note that this feature is only available with our Pro plans.

You must be a Global Admin logged into your web portal account to change the Voice Notification Language settings.

Selecting the Language for Voice Notifications 

Click on App Settings.

The App Settings screen then opens.

Click on the Location tab.

Then click on Notification Preferences.

Locate Voice Language and click to reveal a dropdown list of available languages.

Select the required language.

Click on Save to save this choice.

Activating a New Language for Voice Notifications

You will need to reload the location from the hidden menu on the Greetly Digital Receptionist app to activate a new language choice.

Make sure you are logged into the app using your 5-digit pin code.

On the Apps home screen, tap anywhere on the screen to go to the check-in page.

Tap three times in the top-right corner to reveal the hidden menu.

The hidden menu then opens.

Click Reload Location.

Ensure that your notifications message (Send Notification blocks) are typed out in the language of your choice.