How to "RELOAD" or "LOG OUT" of the Greetly app

Did you make a change in the web admin and want to see the update right away on the app?

Did you make a change in the web admin and want to see the update right away on the app?

If you click "Reload Location" in the hidden menu it will pull the current info from the server but only when the app returns to home. Otherwise the system will update within 24 hours automatically.

Do you need to log out of the app?

Clicking on the "Log out" button will log you out of the app safely and securely. 

You can follow these simple steps to do either of the following.

  • Locate your logo on the "Welcome page" (**Please note if you don't have your logo set up you'll need to add it from the web browser in order to follow these steps)
  • Now tap 3 times fast on your logo on the check-in option page (you'll see a hidden menu appear)
  • Click on the "Reload Location" or "Log out" button
  • If you need to switch between locations, you will need to log out and then log into the account using the 5 digit code for the other location (Click here on instructions on how to locate your 5 digit pin).
  • Click on "Test Print badge" if you need to test your printer
  • Click on "Test Barcode Scanner" if you need to run a test
  • Test the Driver License Scanner by clicking on the button and scanning the license
  • Click on the "Close" button to return to the home page

Now you can move 1 step forward in any check-in process and your changes will now show up immediately.

Pat yourself on the back, because you are a genius.


**Note: If you can't access the hidden menu on your device, you'll need to add a Footer logo. A logo must be present on the app to access the hidden menu. Log into your web portal and follow these steps.


Next, you will need to delete and reinstall the Greetly Touchless Receptionist app from the Apple or Google Play Store.


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