How to Troubleshoot iPad Power Issues


Let's get your iPad up and running so you can enjoy all that Greetly has to offer.

If your experiencing power issues with your iPad, Greetly recommend you try these four troubleshooting steps: 

      1. Test a different lightning cable. A replacement cable is the most common solution.

      2. Test a different power block.  

      3. Test a different outlet - believe it or not, some outlets do not have the right wattage.


   Still having issues after trying steps 1 - 3? Let's move on to step 4. 


      4. Plug the iPad into a computer with iTunes installed on it and reset the iPad             



Once the device is lit again, please make sure steps 7, 8 and 9 from our iPad setup guidelines are all complete in this article  (Click on the link to follow the steps on "How Do I Setup my iPad to Run Greetly?").