Greetly's Product Improvements (September 2022 Web Update)

Below are Greetly's product improvements pertaining to enhancements and fixes which have been released by our development team

Using visitor check-in software

Web Release - September 2022

Logo improvements

  • Global and location admins can now upload a custom logo for email, Google Chat, Slack, and Microsoft Teams reception notifications
  • Global and location admins can now upload a custom logo for visitor badges
  • Greetly uses the following rule for determining which logo to use for a notification or badge. If a custom notification/badge logo is present, use it. If one is not present, use the quick-start logo. If a quick-start logo is not present, use the legacy logo. 

New visitor log improvements 

  • Added queue management support to the new visitor log
  • All roles can now export visitor logs to their email
  • Auto-reload button now clearly displays when it’s active/inactive
  • Added a column to show the visitor's driver's license expiration date
  • Added a column to show the driver's license photo
  • Improved security officer on-duty notification
  • Separated column lists into separate tabs

Custom workflows improvements

  • Custom fields and forms are now importable and exportable
  • Custom fields are now created automatically on import
  • Added send email block to custom workflows
  • Fixed bug involving company_name
  • Upgraded existing custom forms header block to support long text descriptions
  • Added time field type to custom workflows forms
  • Added Driver's license photo block
  • Added Driver's license expiration date shortcode
  • Send text block now checks preceding custom forms for phone number fields when configured to pull the phone number from the custom form
  • Improved block quick insert functionality and visuals to be clearer and easier to use 
  • Host first and last name shortcodes now correspond to hostname, not notification recipient name
  • Added visitor_ID shortcode
  • Added static text block to badge editor
  • Added custom field support to the badge editor
  • Improved field re-ordering in the form builder

Additional improvements

  • Co-pilots can now set their pilots as hosts when creating pre-registration invitations
  • Moved notification non-overhead banner up
  • Global admins can now mass delete from the manage users page
  • Added loading icons and theme change confirmation to the visual styles page
  • Azure SMS preferences now update on sync
  • Added nested OU and groups support to Google directory sync functionality 
  • See it live button now also functions as a web link
  • Redesigned the web portal login page

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