How do I Assign Multiple Admins for Greetly?

Here's how you can assign multiple admins to an account in Greetly.

Let's face it: if you could clone yourself to get everything done in the day, you probably would. Science and ethics aside, sometimes you need help. Here's how you can assign multiple admins to an account in Greetly.

The multiple admin feature allows the account owner to assign roles with different permissions to Greetly users. Greetly users fall into one of three roles:


**Please not you can add unlimited hosts (employees) in your directory.
Unlimited admins can be added with the Enterprise plan ONLY!

  • Global Admin
    • Permissions to change all data for the account, associated locations and associated Greetly users
    • Global Admins can assign all roles to Greetly users
  • Location Admin
  • Employee
    • Permission to change only personal settings such as phone number and notification settings (Did you know that you that individual employees can sign into Greetly to makes changes themselves? Yes, that is the definition of neat!)
    • Employees cannot assign roles

Click on the link to review Greetly Role permissions

Click on the link to review How to delete a user


To change a role, log in as a Global Admin or Location Admin at Go to:

Admin Portal > Digital Receptionist > Manage Users

Edit a specific user. scroll down to Role, and click to pull down the role options.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You're done!