How to Set Up the Greetly<>Microsoft Teams Integration

Want to receive host alert notifications right in Microsoft Teams? In order to integrate Greetly with Microsoft Teams, you will need to manually install the attached App through the admin user interface:

In order to integrate your Greetly virtual receptionist with Microsoft Teams, you will need to manually install the attached App through the admin user interface:

**There is no additional software to install. Within the Teams app, users will add the Greetly app.

Here are the steps on getting this set up:

Step 1) Download the zip file by clicking here 
Step 2) Install it under
Step 3) Turn on Teams at the location level from your Greetly account (web admin)

Once you have the Teams client install, you just need to turn on the Teams notification under your location notification preferences, as illustrated below...

Best visitor management system


Step 4) Install our app on the user Teams client

Once you do that, as soon as your users install our App on their Teams client (as illustrated below) they will be connected to our system and receive notifications moving forward.  

Visitor management app with MS Teams host alert notifications

Step 5) Receive confirmation that everything is setup correctly

Step 6) Enjoy

**Our Microsoft Teams integration simply sends notifications to users via Teams. Our Azure integration is used to update our directory and it does not delete users if they are manually created in our directory. It will only delete users that were created from the sync if they are no longer active in Azure AD.

Click here to manage the app setup policies in Microsoft Teams.

After the MS Teams Administrator has setup the MS Teams Integration, please ask your Users to login to Greetly, and Toggle ON their MS Teams notifications on their User profile and then click SAVE and logout

Then if individual users or Global Admins are not able to toggle on Team's notifications please try the following steps:


The Team's client should be open in another tab along with the users Profile:
1. In the Team's client type "link"
2. Then the user should refresh his Greetly profile page and the Team's Handle will be populated in their account.
3. Then click Save in the Greetly Profile and logout.


Ms Team's notifications should be toggled on and working again.