You set up your Trial Account (smart!). Now what?

Launch the Greetly app on your tablet

You are 1 smart cookie. Here are 3 easy steps for getting the most out of your Greetly sign in app free trial. 

Step 1: Launch the Greetly app on your tablet

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Download the Greetly app onto your tablet, if you haven't already. What, you don't have an iPad or Android tablet sitting around? Greetly offers a complete digital visitor management solution. Or you can buy a tablet computer from our partner.

Login using the email address and password you created when setting up your digital receptionist account. (Want to become a master user? Here are advanced tips for setting up your iPad to run Greetly.)

Step 2: Test Greetly with your co-workers

Seymour Butts is in the lobby to see you. We get it, we've seen them all.

Kidding aside, use the Greetly app to dry run a check in. See how easy the check-in process will be for visitors, how quickly the notifications come in. Then come back to the Greetly app admin to see your smiling mug in the visitor log

Step 3: Show your boss how smart you are

You've done it! In minutes you created great impressions and allowed you and your co-workers to work smarter. Show your boss, show your colleagues, and then post Greetly in your reception area to get started.

Need further assistance? Our operators are standing by. Just email


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