Greetly Quick Links

Are you new to Greetly? Use the information and links below to help you get started quickly and easily.


Devices compatible with Greetly include:

  • Apple iPads (iOS)
    • Recommended models:
      • Apple iPad Air 3rd generation or newer
      • Apple iPad Pro running iPad OS 16.3 or later
  • Most Android tablets
    • Device must be running Android 12.0 and up

Kiosk Hardware

The only other required check-in app hardware is a mount to make sure your tablet is secure and highly visible to visitors. Your selection will depend on your lobby area, available space, and cost. Standard options include:

  • Desktop stand
  • Floorstand kiosk
  • Wall mount

Printing Badges

Greetly can be set up with an option to print visitor badges and is compatible with these Brother printer models:

  • QL-820NWB
  • QL-820NWBc

If you are a US-based client, you will need to use DK-1202 labels. If you a client outside of the US, you will need to use DK-11202 labels. 

For more information about setting up badge printing, please see these articles:

Setting Up Badge Printing Over Bluetooth

Setting Up Badge Printing with an IP Address

Updating Your Device

Always ensure that you are using the newest version of the Greetly Digital Receptionist app. You can download it from the iOS or Android app stores. 

Locating Your 5-Digit Device Pin

You will need your 5-digit PIN to log into the Greetly Touchless Receptionist from your device.

For more information on locating your PIN, check out this article: 

Finding Your 5-Digit PIN to Pair Your Device

Uploading Your Employee Directory

For more information on how to add users, either manually or in bulk, check out this article: Adding Users to Greetly.  

Looking for more information about directory integrations with Greetly? Check out the articles in the Integrations section of this Help Center.

Setting Notifications for Bulk Uploads 

Now, you want to make sure you select the notification types you want to be enabled for the imported users. Check out this article: Enabling Notifications for Other Users.

Customizing Notification Preferences for a Single Employee

It's not uncommon for individual employees to have different notification preferences, which is why we created our notifications to be customizable. Click here to read more.

Customize the Visuals in Greetly

Greetly is incredible customizable. It is quick and easy to incorporate your branding, colors, and logo in the app. Check out this article: Customizing Digital Receptionist to find out more.

Customizing Check-In Options and Workflows

Customizing Workflows to meet your needs couldn't be easier! Watch this video: Customizing Your Greetly App.   

How do I Preregister Visitors to My Workplace?

Let Greetly preregister yours guest for you. Check out this article: Preregistering Visitors or this video: Preregistering Your Visitors.

Using eSignature with Your Visitor Check-In App

In plain English, when a person agrees to accept what you have presented to them they can show their agreement by checking a box, typing their name, inserting an image or even inserting a recording stating their agreement. Watch this video to see more: Setting up a Signature Requirement for Check-in.

Downloading the Digital Visitor Log

Need to know who was in your space, when, and why? Greetly keeps a digital visitor logbook of everyone who checks into your workspace using your visitor management system. Check out this article: Downloading the Digital Visitor Log.

Enabling Greetly’s No-Touch Visitor Check-in Feature

Visitors check themselves in on their own smartphone -- they don't need to touch any shared kiosk or tablet computer. Check out this article: Enabling No-Touch Check-in.   

Creating Your QR Code for Preregistered Visitors 

Find out how to create a QR code for your visitors. Check out this article: Creating a QR Code for Preregistered Visitors.